MKU courses: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication and Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

The Bachelor’s degree at the Arabic Language at Mount Kenya University is a four-year, complete, on-campus course provided by the Department of Humanities and Languages, part of the Curriculum of Social Science. This is one of those MKU courses designed to offer students with intermediate nonetheless advanced stage Arabic language understanding. The Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language curriculum is meant to introduce students to a range of teaching methods, study, experience, talents, behaviors, and interactions in today’s world. It educates students to confront difficulties related to language comprehension and learning. The application focuses on the Arabic language and culture, such as its source, ideology, and dialect.

This is only one of those excellent MKU courses that goal to bridge the divide in Kenya and the planet. The training course is designed for students of an O-level or even A-level that choose to work in insurance companies, pension divisions of different corporations, banks, and other investment companies. Stakeholders agree the marketing programs can be included in the curriculum to make it more user-friendly. The program’s mission is to provide a credential application that addresses the increasing need for managers. The program provides quantitative history in areas like life savings, medical insurance, and sales analysis. Since completing the program, graduates would offer high-quality actuarial science training both domestically and overseas.

The Department of Social and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University offer a four-year, packaged, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, It is but one of the MKU courses awarded from the Institute of Social Science, The curriculum is intended to provide students with specialized, professional-level knowledge in Community Growth, The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development program is designed to introduce students to various education, study, expertise, abilities, behaviors, and views in real-world contexts, It helps students plan for difficulties in Development Studies, The program reflects on community development’s fiscal, social, and political systems.

This class would train students to face problems in the world of public policy-making. The curriculum is going to take a multidisciplinary procedure to examine core subjects such as integrity, direction, and strategy. Corporate Managers, Administrative Officers, Consultants, and Management Advisors are among the jobs available to Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance graduates. Taking this course’s predicted outcomes are powerful moral integrity, successful communication relations standards, and successful qualified coordination. This class can allow you to advance in your career by enhancing your leadership skills, computing skills, and ability to evaluate the nation’s current political, societal, and economic conditions, among other aspects.

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